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Trying to sleep in summer with the covers on


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Human Sonic


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dont u hate it when u have a romantic dream about someone who u never thought about in a romantic way and then u wake up and have some weird crush on them like wtf subconscious why u gotta do this to me

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the bikini goldfish one yes thank you


Wade looking down at his Peter. All trembling like a poor kitty in rainstorm beneath him…

His Peter.

His baby boy.

No one is going to have him but him.

What’d happen if he didn’t stumble upon online discovering this?

What’d happen if he find out Peter was at another man’s mercy just like this?

No thousand bullets can spare him the moment of void to face this reality. Can he move on knowing Peter was another man’s?

And now just look at him. All delicately dress up for him. For him to be taken. How precious is that?

He can spend another year thinking will Peter be his if it wasn’t under circumstance like this. He can spend another century asking will Peter willingly let Wade be the first and the last man if his situation was alright. Will he let Wade cherish him for the rest of his life knowing he’ll never let him go?

For now he just want to shun away those thought and unwrap his gift. Make sure no harm would come his way as long as Peter’s with him. Make sure Peter know that he’ll never ever hurt him and damn well taking good care of him.

If this isn’t fate he don’t know what it is. 

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Prostitute Peter’s fic ;) Enjoy❣

“Wade please! Don’t do this to me!” Peter cried, teary eyes begging Wade to stop.  “What am I suppose to do?! Didn’t know you put yourself on the market behind my back! Here I am trying to help and now you want to push me away!” Blood-boiling in Wade’s veins, he doesn’t understand what he did wrong, isn’t this the better solution rather than what Peter comes up with?

Peter continued his cries “Not like this Wade! Not with you!” Wade snapped at the words “So you are saying you prefer those disgusting old geezers to have their ways with you while earning those petty amounts?!!! Why didn’t you ask for my help?!!” Peter shouted “I don’t want your blood money! I don’t want to feel like I’m using you!” In which Wade retort “Those money they paid you are no cleaner than mine so drop your double standards already! You are in no position to reject my offer which I might say it’s far more than their paid combined! What’d aunt May think if she finds out?! Is this how you want it, Peter?”

Peter froze at the harshness, and start trembling like a leaf in rainstorm “N…No! I don’t want that.. Please Wade, please don’t tell her… I’ll do whatever you want… Please….” At this point Peter can’t hold back anymore. All the stress, all the pain and agony, all what’s keep him going on collapsed at the mention of the person he cared most, flowing with his tears all out of his worn system. He clutched at Wade’s shoulder with desperation, begging “Wade please… Please don’t…” Tears never cease to stop with every plea.

How could someone tears dampened his chest and burn it at the same time Wade had no answer. All he wanted was to help his baby boy so where did it go wrong? He never wanted to hurt him like this, never wanted to be the cause of his sadness and tears! Frustrated with his failed effort, Wade pulled Peter into his arms and caressed his back with much gentleness “Shh… It’s okay it’s okay! I won’t tell anyone so please stop crying already…” And tackle Peter’s tear-soaked face with multiple kisses, “I’m sorry, I’m sooooo sorry Peter. You can punch me with all your might later, so now… please stop crying…”

The last kiss planted on Peter bruised lips, possibly caused by his previous customers and just the thought of it make Wade fuming again. Right now, he just wanted to take Peter into the shower with him and wash all the tiredness away. Along with whatever trace those disgusting old geezers left on his baby boy.

He’s going to have so much fun tracking them down. 

After the tension calm down Wade carried Peter bridal style to the bathroom, all the way Peter was clinging to Wade closely like he’s the last man on earth. Wade wasn’t sure if he should feel flattered now with the knowledge of what Peter’s been through lately. After stripping them both down he put Peter in the already filled with lukewarm water bathtub and settle down behind him, Peter lean behind and lay a kiss under Wade’s jaw as if he’s trying to thank him.

Moments later…

 ”It’s all… gonna be… hmm okay… right…?” Peter’s voice is small and a little slurred as he looks into the other man’s blue eyes.

Wade just hums, nodding as he lets both his hands rub gently on the younger boy’s back, feeling the smooth warm skin underneath his fingertips, as the tensed muscles start relaxing just a little bit. “Of course it is” he promises, keeping himself still, just remaining in the position Peter has settled for at the moment.

The boy smiles weakly and nods, shifting the slightest bit, but enough for both of them to react to the feeling of the tip of Wade’s dick, currently completely all the way in Peter’s hole, brushing against his prostate. Peter shivers lightly, wrapping an arm around the taller guy’s neck as the other’s hands rest below on his thigh, moaning quietly, while Wade lets out a small grunt, the movement clearly having given him the stimulus to start moving again.

Wade wasn’t planned to do it, however. He knows that, when Peter shows up at his place like this with frightened look on his face. Wade grabbed him before he had a chance to run away. It’s not only to have sex. Of course, the sex calms them both down, but if it wasn’t for how relaxed, safe, appreciated, and just to listened to Wade always manages to make Peter feels safe, with his gentle touches and words, this wouldn’t happen so often.

Peter feels lost here in the big city. His dreams aren’t big, just a place for him and aunt May to settle down. But still the wage gap between the rich and poor crushed him like a bug he is.

He feels so small.

What was once confidence has turned into doubt and self-consciousness, so much that the moment something starts going wrong, he gets into a state of sadness and insecurity that completely blocks him. He had to put himself on the ‘market’. And Wade might show up late on the timeline, but he is the only one who manages to cheer him up at times like this.

 ”It’s all good, Peter. I promise” he whispers, kissing softly the boy’s forehead. Peter smiles at that and leans for a kiss on the lips, before shifting his legs a little bit to spread them further, preparing to start moving, riding the other male’s erection, another part of him that inexplicably manages to boost his confidence, giving him that last push he needs to get back on life in order to survive in that city… along with the warmth of his load inside of him….

They’ll figure something out he guess.

PS: Inspired by m’s recent artwork of spideypool. Featuring Peter’s prostitution.(Fuck damn it was hot!) The sex scene was edited and based on references I found on internet since I suck at it, most of the part was mine. It you think moi base on someone else sex scene was deemed inappropriate you can ask me to take it down.

PPS: Sorry for any grammar mistake & typo & confusing and I don’t like the title.

PPPS: It was a little different b4 the version I show to Gia . You guys go like and reblog her fics. This is the fluff master who’s secretly good at angst :d

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